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IRS Warns of Con Artists!

Posted by Brian Radke Posted on Aug 04 2016

It has become evident over the past few months that con artists are trying to persuade taxpayers into paying taxes they do not owe!  If you receive a call from someone indicating they are with the IRS, please use caution.   If you have a tax issue, the IRS will usually contact you via US Mail prior to any personal contact or phone calls. 

The IRS is seeing a big increase this summer in automated phone calls from con artists pretending to work for the IRS calling innocent taxpayers and demanding overdue taxes.  

The criminals leave urgent callback requests on voicemail telling taxpayers to call back to settle their tax bills.  The bogus calls generally purport to be the last warning before the IRS takes legal action against unsuspecting taxpayers.  When the victims call back the con artists threaten a lawsuit, threaten to arrest or deport the taxpayer or revoke their drivers license if they dont agree to pay up.  These tactics are not normal tactics used by the IRS in their collection process of legitimate tax bills.

The scammers have increasingly been asking unsuspecting taxpayers to make payment via iTunes gift cards or similar cards.  The IRS points out that any request to settle a tax bill using a gift card is a clear sign of scam.